Accreditation Registrar

Accreditation Requirements

To be an accredited registrar, you must meet the requirements listed below. Further information can be found in the Guidelines for Application document.

  1. Prior Experience:

Each applicant must have at least 6 months prior experience in domain name registrations and management as a reseller or an accredited registrar of other gTLDs or ccTLDs.

  1. Technical Capability:

The applicant needs to demonstrate how it can accommodate all archival database requirements. Detailed plans also need to be submitted with regard to security systems, provision of daily back-ups, maintenance of database, etc.

  1. Business Capability:

A business plan must be submitted by the applicant on how it can efficiently and securely handle registration services.

  1. Financial Capability:

Applicants must establish that they have a minimum of BND$50,000 in working capital for the preceding 2 years prior to the application.

  1. Organisational Capability:

Ability to provide prompt and efficient customer service and technical support to registrants must be demonstrated by the applicant.

Accreditation Process

Once an Application form is submitted, the accreditation process will commence.

  1. The applicant submits its application to BNNIC with all necessary supporting documents and information requested for in the Application Form.

  2. BNNIC evaluates the submitted application and clarifies with the application on certain areas if the need arises. BNNIC may also request for more information from the applicant if the initial supporting documents and information provided are deemed insufficient.

  3. BNNIC grants a provisional acceptance of the applicant as its registrar once the application is approved

  4. The applicant goes through an OT&E test to ensure its technical systems are able to connect smoothly to those of BNNIC's.

  5. The applicant will be confirmed as an accredited registrar of BNNIC once it passes the OT&E test. Both the registrar and BNNIC will also need to endorse upon the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA).